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Optimise your mind and energy with Stargate Pyramids and Capstones

Stargate Pyramids, Capstones & Accessories, Handmade with Love in Cornwall.

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On All Orders Over £250

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Handmade with Love and Positve Energy in the UK


With Love and Positive Energy

All products approved by the Pyramid Science Foundation


By The Pyramid Science Foundation

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The Limited Edition Capstone Range is Coming

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Energy transformation Initiate pyramid energy program



My Flagship Energy Transformation Program that includes a Full Stargate Pyramid Kit of your choice and a program of 1 to 1 Energy Transformation Therapy with me, either in person or online.

This programme is designed to help you resolve life issues, past and present and to then help you develop an energy practice that boosts your life force going forward.

Pyramid Power Starter Program - Where sacred geometry organically increases wellness 



Everything you need to start your journey with the amazing power of Stargate Pyramids.

You will recieve a Full Stargate Pyramid Kit of your choice Plus 6x thirty minute energy coaching sessions, guidance in developing your pyramid meditation practice and how to get the most out of the sacred geometry within your pyramid structure.

Programs & Workshops
Paul Barlow Meditating in a Stargate Pyramid


Harness & direct energy through learning new tools

Work within sacred geometric structures  and experience the power of Stargate Pyramids

Effective therapies  to assist your awareness, understanding and clear psychological and emotional junk

Psychological safety to explore and release issues

Unique workshops tailored to your needs

Optimise your mind and energy with Stargate Pyramids and Capstones


It’s what happens when the body and mind interface with 76.345ᵒ pyramids – A ground breaking wellness technology, derived from the same sacred geometry found in ancient cultures all over the world.

deepen your meditation practice with stargate pyramids

Deepen your practice

Slowing your brainwaves so you can expand your consciousness

amplify your consciousness and manifest faster

Amplify your consciousness

Through increased power of thoughts and intentions you can MANIFEST FASTER

your own sacred meditation space

Your sacred space

Your very own temple of practice, easy to set up and portable

sacred pyramid geometry organically increases wellness 

Enhance your health

Where sacred geometry organically increases wellness 

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