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Energy Transformation Initiate Program



My Flagship Energy Transformation Program; designed to help you resolve life issues, past and present and to then help you develop an energy practice that boosts your life force going forward.

Work with me, in person or online for 12 sessions of Energy Transformation Therapy. Once we discover where and to whom you are losing energy, we will use a combination of therapies to plug those leaks. When balance is restored we will move on to strategies and practices for gaining energy. To begin this part of the programme you will receive a complete Stargate Pyramid kit along with 6x thirty minute development sessions to help you establish an energy building practice.


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76.345ᵒ pyramids – A ground breaking wellness technology


It’s what happens when the body and mind interface with 76.345ᵒ pyramids – A ground breaking wellness technology, derived from the same sacred geometry found in ancient cultures all over the world.

Deepen your meditation practice with a 76.345ᵒ pyramid

Deepen your practice

Slowing your brainwaves so you can expand your consciousness

Amplify your consciousness and manifest faster

Amplify your consciousness

Through increased power of thoughts and intentions you can MANIFEST FASTER

Your very own temple of practice, easy to set up and portable

Your sacred space

Your very own temple of practice, easy to set up and portable

Sacred Geometry of pyramids organically increases wellness

Enhance your health

Where sacred geometry organically increases wellness 

As part of this unique programme you receive a full pyramid kit:


A Stargate Pyramid (colour and size of your choosing)
Bionised quartz sand within all poles of the pyramid structure 
A capstone of your choosing (from our available range)
A bespoke Apex Amplifier (using any one or two colours and ingredients of your choice).
One Caduceus Coil with amplifier and connector kit (colour of your choice).

On a mission to change lives with sacred geometry


Paul Barlow is an inspirational leader in the world of Energy Transformation Therapy. 

Highly trained and experienced, in multiple therapy disciplines and techniques, Paul is an exciting and spiritual guide, who is dedicating his life to helping people step into their own power and release the pain, fears, anxieties, and worries that hold them back.

Paul is also widely regarded as the UK and Europe’s leading voice and pioneer in the use and development of Ancient Pyramid Sacred Geometry, in his work and life.

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Through the years I have learned that despite their many differences, all my clients are people who want something to transform and improve in their lives. Those who were most successful in making changes for the better also shared other key commonalities, are you one of them?       

Are you dissatisfied and want more?
Do you want change but are not sure how to go about it?
Would you like to feel more comfortable within yourself?
Are you willing to invest in yourself and your future?
Will you commit to the changes you say you want?
Will you allow yourself to be open to new ideas and concepts?
Would you like to experience more of your potential?
Are you prepared to allow your transformation to unfold?

If you answered YES you are ready for the next step

You may want to work with me if:

  • You want to work with someone without judgment, who will hold a compassionate, safe, and confidential space.

  • You wish to overcome feelings of anxiety and withdrawal.

  • You want to stop self-sabotaging behaviours.

  • You want to deal with problematic habits.

  • You want to address issues arising from your upbringing.

  • You want healthy relationships.

  • You want to improve your mind-set and get a handle on overthinking.

  • You want increased vitality.

  • You want a life filled with purpose and joy. 

  • You want to understand the real, authentic you and start living from your truth.


  • Energy Initiate

    Energy Transformation Initiate Program
    Valid for 4 months
    • 12x Energy Transformation Therapy Sessions with Paul
    • 6x 30min Pyramid Sessions with Paul
    • Includes a complete Stargate Pyramid Kit
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