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Pyramid Power with Paul Barlow


Paul Barlow UK Pyramid Meditation Expert

Hi there, I’m Paul Barlow. Thank you for taking the time to check out who I am and how I work.


Paul Barlow Energy is my business and I have come to regard myself as an Energy Transformation Therapist, something that is both my calling and life’s work.


Paul Barlow Pyramid Energy Guru looking at the stars



Honours Degree in Psychology

From the University of Plymouth

Master Practitioner Of:

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Practitioner Of:

Timeline therapy™

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (with Dolores Cannon)
Neural Pathway Restructuring™
Family Constellations
The One Command™
Higher Self Therapy

NLP Coaching

Paul Barlow Using Pyramid Energy to Transform Peoples Lives

I haven’t always been a therapist; my journey has been extremely varied, and I originally trained as a chef! Over the years and throughout various jobs and ventures, I found myself searching for something more fulfilling yet settling for what I had.

My past had led me to believe that I could only have so much in life or go so far, and at times I experienced stress, anxiety, and low self-worth, unable to believe in myself or my potential. I often worked hard, long hours for little financial reward, coming across the same issues in my relationships and various other areas of my life, and feeling stuck in the rat race and dissatisfied…….


I was fortunate to meet people who introduced me to personal development, meditation, and other spiritual practices, which helped me immensely but still something was missing; and I hadn’t dealt with past pain or the way in which my subconscious patterns led me to create self-sabotaging problems for myself.


In 2006, after listening to some good advice from a supportive and challenging mentor, I made a tough choice and went back to school as a mature student,
studying psychology at degree level. Three years of psychology training left me with more questions than answers? How can we let go of the events and emotions of the past and enjoy positive lasting changes? Not yet satisfied, I undertook further formal training in different therapeutic and coaching modalities and continued searching until I found a range of tools and techniques that create positive changes, changes that can remedy the past and bring us more fully into the present and future.


At the same time, I worked with fantastic therapists and coaches myself, learning how powerful it is to make lasting changes with someone supporting you along the way. To this day I continue with my own development and supervision, daily meditation, and spiritual practices, enabling me to be the best coach I can be for others.


My therapeutic and training journey has led to a wonderful personal and professional life, full of direction, satisfaction, and joy.


Over the past twelve years, during thousands of hours working one-to-one with a variety of people, I have had the great privilege to witness and celebrate all kinds of personal transformations. I feel incredibly grateful to have been able to support so many people and look forwards to helping more in the future.

Stargate Pyramid meditation at Sunset

Through the years I have learned that despite their many differences, all my clients are people who want something to transform and improve in their lives. Those who were most successful in making changes for the better also shared other key commonalities, are you one of them?       

Are you dissatisfied and want more?
Do you want change but are not sure how to go about it?
Would you like to feel more comfortable within yourself?
Are you willing to invest in yourself and your future?
Will you commit to the changes you say you want?
Will you allow yourself to be open to new ideas and concepts?
Would you like to experience more of your potential?
Are you prepared to allow your transformation to unfold?

If you answered YES you are ready for the next step

You may want to work with me if:

  • You want to work with someone without judgment, who will hold a compassionate, safe, and confidential space.

  • You wish to overcome feelings of anxiety and withdrawal.

  • You want to stop self-sabotaging behaviours.

  • You want to deal with problematic habits.

  • You want to address issues arising from your upbringing.

  • You want healthy relationships.

  • You want to improve your mind-set and get a handle on overthinking.

  • You want increased vitality.

  • You want a life filled with purpose and joy. 

  • You want to understand the real, authentic you and start living from your truth.

Paul Barlow Energy Therapist looking at the stars

You may not want to work with me If:

  • You want to continue suffering.

  • Digging deep does not appeal to you.

  • You are looking for a magic wand to make everything better.

  • You want to start off doing a couple of sessions and see how it goes.

  • You want me to be the expert in your life and tell you what to do.

  • You want to spend years in therapy and continue talking about the same old problem (in which case I am definitely not your therapist!)

Optimise your energy with Stargate Pyramids


It’s what happens when the body and mind interface with 76.345ᵒ pyramids – A groundbreaking wellness technology, derived from the same sacred geometry found in ancient cultures all over the world.

Pyramids deepen your meditation practice

Deepen your practice

Slowing your brainwaves so you can expand your consciousness

Stargate pyramids amplify your consciousness

Amplify your consciousness

Through increased power of thoughts and intentions you can MANIFEST FASTER

Stargate Pyramids are your sacred temple of meditation practice

Your sacred space

Your very own temple of practice, easy to set up and portable

Stargate Pyramids sacred geometry organically increases wellness 

Enhance your health

Where sacred geometry organically increases wellness 

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