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This small pyramid is ideal for your pets or for energizing and preserving food items, crystals, supplements and essential oils.


Height | 3′ (91 cm), Base | 22.35″ x 22.35″ (57 x57 cm)


NB - The base dimension is measured from the outside edge of one pipe to the outside edge of the opposing base pipe. This is the area necessary to accommodate the pyramid on the floor.


Made from furniture Grade PVC Piping
Lovingly made with positive energy in our Bude workshop in Cornwall, England.

[Products Shown Within Pyramid are for Display Purposes Only and are not included in the sale]

Mini Stargate Pyramid

  • Bionized Quartz Sand has amplified energetic properties which occur after a process of freezing and boiling the product several times. The same person credited for Orgone Energy, Wilhelm Reich, discovered the process of bionization. Reich discovered that in the presence of a healthy living object there was a blue luminescent glow of energy. When sickness occurred that blue glow disappeared. Reich knew this blue glow was the life force energy and he developed a way to attract more of this vibrant, life energy to an object by freezing and boiling the product several times. This process didn't only charge the object but made it retain that amplified energy indefinitely! The sand I use is 97% quartz and through bionization it retains a very high energetic vibration of power which will never dissipate from the device.

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