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Pyramid Power Energy Workshop with Paul Barlow


Drawing from my experiences as a participant, my work as a therapist, and practitioner of energy work and meditation, I want to offer workshops that use a combination of elements as shown below. I want them to be practical, fun, and full of the best of what I have learned and experienced so far.
Workshops are a great place to meet new people, gain new skills and ideas, and at the same time have a little space and freedom from the demands of adult life.
After taking part in an array of workshops around the world, I believe that the best ones offer learning and growth, are fun, and are useful, in that we gain something that makes a difference in our lives.
My workshops are created to help you to learn new skills, gain insight, and connect to a greater awareness of both the shadow and lighter aspects of who you are.

During each session, I weave in the elements that I feel will be most useful to the group and allow it to unfold at an enjoyable rhythm and pace.
Psychological safety, confidentiality, and each participant’s well-being are always paramount.


Available Workshop Elements

Learn the techniques of the Hawaiian Shamans with Paul Barlow


Learn how to meditate, or deepen your practice.

Breathing Exercises

Learn the techniques of Hawaiian Shamans.

Connect to the Elements

Learn to connect to the elements of Earth, Fire, Water & Air anytime, anywhere.

Pyramid Work

Experience the sacred geometry and energy of Stargate pyramids.


Learn how to ground negative moods, worries, and excess energy.


Journeys to explore your inner world and resources.

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Ancestral Work 

Learn how to draw power and strength from your ancestral lineage.

Family Constellations 

Identify and shift negative family patterns, attitudes and beliefs.

Timeline Work 

Techniques to heal your past and create your future.

Mind-set Development

Learn how to develop an open mind that thrives and grows.

Crystal Ceremony

Experience a sacred crystal initiation ceremony.

Sacred crystal downloading ceremony

I guide my workshops with care and aim to meet all participants exactly where they are on their unique pathways.

I hope that as a participant, you will be willing to explore new ideas and concepts, learn new tools, and put what you learn into practice in your life. 

Profound shifts can often happen during workshops, and sometimes in the following days or weeks. There are a number of ways you can continue to work with me if you would like further support. 


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If you would like me to facilitate a bespoke workshop for your team or group, please get in touch.

Sacred Pyramid Energy Workshop with Paul Barlow
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